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Pala Pitagora
The Pala Pitagora from October to April...

The place of your games! during the colder months. You can jump, dive into a sea of balls, to walk into colorful mazes, to venture on the green carpet by baby cars, take your shoes off and .. play, play and play !!....
You can access purchasing a modest pass for 6 euros and stay in all day, or for free when you are invited by your friends who celebrate their birthday party.

Mom, dad and grandparents?

They can come for free!!
Remember: there is also a 0-3 year zone for children, where mums can relax or play with their babies.

The Pala Pitagora from May to September...

And in summer, from May to September , Pala Pitagora is transformed into a spectacular skate ring where performances and dance classes take place.